ABC: Architecture Books for Children

I'm intrigued by the way that the study of architecture and landscape is introduced to young children. This blog will feature short reviews of children's books which address the built environment, as well as the natural landscape around us, in innovative or noteworthy ways. I'm also going to revisit some of the classics from decades past, starting with David Macaulay's Cathedral (1973). As I read new releases and examine the classics, I'll be on the lookout for stories and illustrations which give children  -- and the adults who read with them --  a sense of agency in the built environment. After all, parks and cities belong to all of us, and there is no reason that children should be the only ones building castles out of sand. I'm also interested in the intertwining of technology, gender and creativity in books for the very young. I've got lots of titles on my desk, but if you have a book to recommend, drop me a line at victoria.j.solan[at]